WorkBench 1107 Weatherproof PDK

Fits into NEMA case for Protection in outdoor or challenging environments; $19.95

Water-resistant NEMA case not included.

WorkBench PDK Users Guide

> Attach and release Clicks from the Base

> Building the Click/Slide Assembly

> Electronics Mounting Guide

1107W Base

Use to prototype, manage electronics, and transport your projects.

Approximate 54 sq. in. work surface; outside dimensions are 6.75" x 10.75"

11x7 primary matrix; 9x6 secondary matrix

1/8” black gloss acrylic

Marked holes on Base may be used for feet when working outside of the NEMA case

Corner holes placed perfect for use with several NEMA-standard boxes from BUD.

- Basic ABS case - BUD 32016

- Indoor case with clear top - BUD 32216

- Outdoor case with clear polycarbonate top - BUD 32416

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TWO 2x3 Clicks

Mount electronics using a Slide, or direct attach methods.
Clicks into the Base for easy management and layout of project.

Mounting platform: 2.53” x 3.35” (64.3mm x 85.4mm)
ABS plastic; 3D print

Use with provided Slides for Arduino or Raspberry Pi boards

Direct Mount Other Electronics

> Electronics Mounting Guide

One Slide, Arduino or Raspberry Pi 2/3/4

Your choice of one Arduino or Raspberry Pi Slide to use with your project

ABS plastic; 3D print
Assemble with a 2x3 Click

Assembly includes M2.5 hex nuts installed in the raised bosses; hex nuts enable you to firmly attach and easily remove PCBs multiple times without causing any damage to the Slide.

> Click/Slide Assembly Guide


One Hardware Packet, 1007

Includes all the small hardware needed to get started with the WorkBench 1107W

4 Feet (3/8” nylon spacers)
4 #8 x 3/8” sheet metal screws w/ Phillips truss head; attach feet to Base
5 M2.5 hex nuts; for Click/Slide assembly
5 M3.0 hex nuts; for Click/Slide assembly
1 M2.5 x 20 screw; for Click Slide assembly
5 M2.5 x 6 machine screws; attach electronics to Click/Slide assemblies
4 Tubular standoffs; direct-attach electronics to Clicks
5 #2 x 5/8” self-tapping screws; direct-attach electronics to Clicks
4 Zipties, small; for cable management

> Electronics Mounting Guide

> Click/Slide Assembly Guide