Assembly Instructions for the AstroPi RDX!

Welcome to Phase Dock!  We’re excited to bring you the highest-quality commercially-available AstroPi case in the known universe.  It’s been designed to conform to the original case as closely as possible, but optimized for manufacture so that it’s affordable as well as highly functional and just, well, cool.  There really isn’t anything else like an AstroPi.

Step 1: Configure the Camera Cable and Install the Camera Module into the Case

Step 2: Install the Raspberry Pi. 

Step 3: Install Push-Button Switches

Step 4: Connect the Push-Button Switches

Step 5: Install the Sense HAT

Step 6: Complete the Assembly

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Here’s why your AstroPi RDX is special:

It has been precision-machined for you from 6061-T651 aircraft-grade aluminum—very strong and durable, given its light weight.

  • The electronics mounting pads have been beefed up, and all holes are tapped for machine screws, so you can assemble and disassemble the case confidently and easily.

  • The anodized coating is extremely hard, which protects your case against scratches, fingerprints and dirt.  It also electrically insulates the aluminum to protect your electronics for added peace of mind—theirs and yours.

  • The laser-engraved markings are precise, durable and beautiful.

Care and feeding of your AstroPi RDX:

  • Aluminum is very strong and tough, but it is malleable.  That means it deforms when you hit it, so try not to drop it—it will dent, and you will be sad.

  • A little window cleaner can help clean up the anodized surface, should it need that.  WARNING—don’t spray anything directly onto the assembled case; the electronics won’t like that.  Don’t ask me how I know.  Instead, spray a little window cleaner onto a lint-free rag, and use the rag to carefully wipe the case clean.

  • Direct sunlight can, over time, fade the dye in the black case.  We suggest not storing the case in the sun for long periods of time.  Or even within several million miles of the sun.  93 million miles should be good.

  • AstroPis are like Australian Shepherds or Alaskan Huskies—they need lots of room to run or they get bored and start chewing up the sofa.  Be sure to give your AstroPi a regular workout to keep it happy and focused.  It’s happiest in orbit; just make sure the parachute works (see Bullet 1, above).

With just a little care, your AstroPi will last a lifetime.  Ready to put everything together?

Go directly to Step One: Configure the Camera Cable and Install the Camera Module into the Case