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AstroPi RDX

Use this case to build your own AstroPi patterned very closely on the one currently running experiments on the International Space Station. Made in the US from machined and anodized aluminum, this case looks and feels just like the flight units, and maybe just a bit better. 

Choose clear aluminum luster or jet-black finish. 

Coming soon: Optional cosmic images make your AstroPi a true showpiece.    

Supplies are currently limited, so order today.  

What is an AstroPi? 

Astro Pi is a Raspberry Pi-based computer assembly developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation (RPF), in collaboration with the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency (ESA).

When coded, the Astro Pi computers are equipped with sensors and gadgets that can run a variety of scientific experiments. This set of sensors is called ‘Sense HAT’ (that stands for ‘Hardware Attached on Top’).  The Sense HAT can be purchase from a number of sources.

The Sense HAT board was specially created for the Astro Pi competition. The board gives Astro Pi the ability to ‘sense’ and make many kinds of measurements, from temperature to movement, and to output information using a special display  - an  8x8 LED matrix. The Astro Pis are also equipped with a joystick and buttons -  just like a videogame console!  

Learn more about AstroPi!

What makes AstroPi RDX special?

We put a lot of effort into the design and manufacture of the Phase Dock AstroPi RDX case. When you compare it with any other option, we think you will love this case as much as we do.  


Designed and manufactured to the highest standards and aesthetics

  • Precisely matches authentic overall AstroPi dimensions

  • Machined and anodized 6061-T651 aircraft-grade aluminum
    withstands handling better than 3D print or untreated aluminum

  • Protects against scratches, dirt and fingerprints

  • Functional heat exchanger (unlike 3D printed cases); 
    anodizing provides better heat transfer than untreated aluminum


Superior interior

  • Precision dimensions assure a build that goes together beautifully

  • Interior labels ensure correct button wiring

  • Re-build and re-work your Astro Pi (should you ever need to) with minimal risk of stripping the threads 

  • Reinforced interior mounting bosses for the camera and RaspPi improve stability and protect against accidental bending or breaking

  • Larger lens aperture simplifies installation of the camera by allowing for manufacturing variance in the lens location (a known issue)

  • Anodizing helps prevent accidental shorting of electronics 


show off your astropi with pride

  • Color choices: clear luster anodized aluminum for the authentic flight-unit color
    or jet-black anodized for a unit that stands above the rest

  • Laser-engraved labels never wear, scratch or bleed

  • Optional gasp-worthy laser-engraved cosmic images coming soon! 
    Contact us for more information. 

Wiring Kits

Screen_Kits.1920x750_Phase Dock_051118.jpg

Don’t sweat the small stuff

The look you want. All the small parts needed for your build.

Silver button switches.   

Upgrade for that authentic flight case look. Precisely sized for the AstroPi RDX case. In addition to the 10mm push-button switches, this kit includes jumper wires, crimps, 2x13 pin header, and grounding wire.  We even include an authentic red joystick button, so you don't need to print your own! 

Black button switches

A  great look and excellent functionality; acrylic button adapter plates ship with your AstroPi RDX package -- so you can install these 7mm buttons with ease and confidence.  In addition to the push-button switches, this kit includes jumper wires, crimps, 2x13 pin header, and grounding wire.  We even include an authentic red joystick button, so you don't need to print your own! 

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