Click + Slide Assembly Guide


Video Demo shows you how to assemble the Click+Slide combination to use with your WorkBench Project Development Kit.

The Click/Slide assembly on the WorkBench PDK makes it super easy to manage, move, secure and protect your electronics project.

Step 1 - clamping jig.jpg

1: Set up a jig

For easy, precise assembly, make an L-shaped (90°) jig by clamping two straight pieces of scrap wood to a table.

The block on the X-axis (right) should be no wider than 2” when you are gluing up 2x3 Clicks or no wider than 1” to glue up 1x3 Clicks. See Step 7 for reference.


2: Grab the correct slide

Check to make sure the raised mounting bosses on the Slide match the hole-mounting pattern on the electronics component you want to mount.

Step 3 - install M2.5 hex nuts_2.png

3: Insert Hex Nuts (1)

Insert four 2.5mm hex nuts into the back side of the Slide bosses.

1) Thread a hex nut just onto the end of a M2.5x20 screw to give you leverage.

2) Push the nut firmly into the hex pocket on the underside of the boss until it seats.

3) A light tap with a hammer may be needed.

4) Unthread the screw and repeat for the other three bosses.

Step 4 - insert 3.0 hex.jpg

4: Insert Hex nuts (2)

Insert 3.0mm hex nuts into the bosses on top of the 2.5mm nuts. They should lie level with or slightly below the surface. These should fit easily; there is no need to use tools or a hammer.

The 3.0mm nuts prevent the 2.5mm nuts from moving after the assembly is glued together.

Step 5 - slide to jig.jpg

5: Place the Slide into the jig

Place the Slide into the jig with the raised bosses down and hex nuts up and visible.
Always glue the assembly with the Slide on the bottom as shown.

Step 6 - glue pattern.png

6: apply Glue

Gloves are recommended for steps 6 and 7.

Draw a generous bead of super glue (cyanoacrylate) on the top of the CLICK following the pattern shown in blue. 

Be careful NOT to glue the corners of the CLICK where the springs are located (red X’s). 

Your Click will not function properly if the springs are immobilized. Spread some glue in the middle if desired.

Step 7  - final assembly.jpg

7: Final Assembly

Place the glued side of the Click down onto the Slide and press both components firmly into the jig to line up the edges and then press down onto each other. Follow the instructions on the glue for the proper set time.

Note that the springs on the Click extend beyond the corner of the jig. If your X-axis block is too wide, the Click will not align correctly with the Slide.


8: Attach Electronics

Using M2.5 x 6 machine screws, attach your electronic component to the Slide.