Electronics Mounting Guide

No matter what electronic component you use, there is a way to mount it on your WorkBench.

If you are stuck for a graceful solution, please contact us. We will challenge our team of Makers/Engineers/Designers to develop a solution. Contact: Info@PhaseDock.com or post your challenge to the Phase Dock Forum.

We want you to succeed and your project to perform and look great!

Download the WorkBench PDK Users Guide.


Fasten electronics to mounting bosses.jpg

Electronics with matching Slide

Step 1: Assemble the Slide you need to the Click.

Step 2: Use M2.5 x 6mm machine screws to fasten electronics to the mounting bosses on the Arduino UNO, Raspberry Pi 2/3, or Feather/Particle Click/Slide assembly.

See Click-Slide Configurations Available Today if you are not sure which Slide to use.

BeagleBone on a 2x3 Click

BeagleBone on a 2x3 Click

Electronics with Mounting Holes; No Matching Slide

Use the white tubular standoffs and self-tapping screws provided in the Hardware Packet.

Attach electronics directly to an appropriately sized Click by threading screws through the mounting hole in the electronics, through the tubular standoff and into the Click Platform. Screws may protrude slightly on the underside of the Click but this will not interfere with the functionality of the Click.

A power screwdriver makes assembly easier.

CAUTION: AVOID placing screws directly into the two spring corners of the Click (red X) as this may interfere with the spring action.


400 Pin Breadboard

Use the breadboard mounting tape to stick directly to a 2x3 Click.


Tower Electronics

Use M2.5 male-female nylon or brass standoffs to layer electronics.

Zip-Tie Mounted Batteries.png


Another option to attach items that lack mounting holes, is to use zipties. Once the item is attached to a Click, you can easily mount it or reposition it on your project.

This is an easy way to secure your batteries to your project and charge them when needed — without having to move your entire project.

No need to chain your project to a wall outlet when you can easily attach a battery.


Cable Management

Neatly manage cables or wires.

Use the 8-32 x 7/16 machine screw and Nyloc nut to attach a cable-tie saddle mount (shown in white) using one of the smaller holes in the Base.
Attach to the top or the underside of the Base. Finish it off with a small ziptie or hook-and-loop tie.