AstroPi RDX - Jet Black

AstroPi RDX - Jet Black


Buttons not included. All AstroPi RDX components are manufactured the same, with the exception of color. Black case has the same features found on the Silver case.

Machined and black anodized aluminum case with authentic AstroPI case dimensions, ready for your build.

Machined and clear anodized aluminum case with authentic AstroPI case dimensions, ready for your build.

Save yourself the wait and hassle. Consider adding a Wiring Kit to your order.

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The AstroPi RDX has been precision-machined for you from 6061-T651 aircraft-grade aluminum—very strong and durable, given its light weight.

The electronics mounting pads have been beefed up, and all holes are tapped for machine screws, so you can assemble and disassemble the case confidently and easily.

The anodized coating (anodize II) is extremely hard, which protects your case against scratches, fingerprints and dirt.  It also electrically insulates the aluminum to protect your electronics for added peace of mind—theirs and yours.

The laser-engraved markings are precise, durable and beautiful.

Your Phase Dock AstroPi RDX package includes the case itself and the assembly parts listed in the table below.  (This is everything you need if you previously built an AstroPi in a 3D-printed case and are upgrading to our aluminum case.)

Phase Dock RDX Components List.PNG

The AstroPi RDX package does NOT include: 

  • Main computer: Raspberry Pi B+, Pi 2, or Pi 3

  • Camera: Raspberry Pi Camera Module or NoIR Camera Module

  • Sense HAT

  • Operating system: Micro SD card, flashed with the appropriate operating system and modules

  • Raspberry Pi-approved 5V DC power supply

  • HDMI cable

  • Ethernet cable (optional)

  • Two Wiring Kit options are available from Phase Dock: the Standard Wiring Kit and the Upgraded Wiring Kit.  Or you can purchase the wiring materials and button switches on your own.