Step One:

Install Camera Module

Download and print the AstroPi RDX Assembly Instructions for easy reference. 

TIP: If you have a new camera module, be sure to remove the protective tape from the lens before you screw it into the case. If you assemble with the tape still in place, you will have to disassemble the entire case to get to it afterwards. 

CAREFUL!  When working with the camera module down lay it on a soft cloth so that the lens doesn’t get scratched or damaged.

BONUS:  Because these camera modules are known to vary slightly, we have designed the Phase Dock AstroPi RDX case with a slightly larger aperture.  Always confirm the lens-to-aperture alignment, but the redesigned aperture should enable you to avoid adjusting the lens block on the camera manually.

BONUS:  Mounting holes in the Phase Dock case are drilled and tapped for machine screws (not self-tapping screws). This allows you to install and remove the camera module or Pi multiple times with little risk of stripping the support pillar.


1A: Disconnect the ribbon cable from the camera module

Step 1-1  IMG_1259.JPG

Gently pull out the black inner connector in the cable socket on the camera module.  It is designed to come out about 3mm or 1/8”, so don’t pull it all the way out.

If you have trouble, try pulling one corner of the connector out a bit and then the other, alternating until it is out the full 3mm.

Once the connector is 3mm out, the cable is free to be extracted.  Gently pull the cable out of its socket.

Step 1-2  IMG_1268.JPG

Once the connector is all the way out, the cable is free to be extracted.  Gently pull the cable out of its socket.

1B: Fold the Cable

Step 1-3 IMG_1250.JPG

Folding allows the camera cable to fit into the space and still have enough flexibility to insert into the camera port on the Pi. 

Lay the ribbon flat with the writing face up and the connectors to your left. At 1 cm, fold the ribbon 90 degrees down.

Step 1-4 IMG_1252.JPG

Now measure 4 cm from the top of the ribbon and fold 90 degrees to the right.

Step 1-5 IMG_1253.JPG

Again, measuring 4 cm from the lower left corner, fold the ribbon 90 degrees up


1C: Reconnect the cable to the camera

Step 1-6 IMG_1270.JPG

With the lens facing down (away from you) on a soft cloth, the tin connectors should face DOWN (away from you) and the blue tab should face UP (towards you).

Step 1-7 IMG_1276.JPG

Reverse the steps list at the beginning of this section to reconnect the cable to the camera module.

MAKE SURE to seat the black inner connector firmly so that it sits all the way down on the white outer connector housing.  You can feel and hear a slight “click” when the inner connector seats. 

1D: Install the Camera Module into the Case

Step 1-8 IMG_1281.JPG

Place the camera module onto the support pillars as shown in the picture.  The lens should face down (away from you), and the cable should point away from all the labels lasered onto the inside of the case.

Start two of the M2x4mm screws on opposite corners of the camera module.  Don’t tighten them fully yet.


Step 1-9 IMG_0133.JPG

Turn the case over and check for lens alignment by looking through the aperture in the case.  Be sure a couple of screws are in place so the camera module doesn’t fall out. 

If the lens does not align properly, check to make sure the camera is not reversed.

When you are satisfied with the lens alignment, install the remaining M2 screws to complete the camera module installation.  Gently but firmly tighten all the screws; no need to over-tighten.

Now go on to Step 2: Install the RasPi.