WorkBench 1107W Weatherproof PDK

WorkBench 1107W Weatherproof PDK


The simplest version of the WorkBench Project Development Kit, the 1107W weatherproof), is designed to mount into the BUD 32016 NEMA case (case not included).

The 1107W includes:

  • One 1107W Base

  • Two 2x3 Clicks

  • One Slide of your choice (Arduino or Raspberry Pi 2/3/4

  • One hardware packet with optional “feet” as well as a selection of small hardware to kickstart your project.

BUD NEMA Case not included.

Slide Choice (1 included):
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The 1107W Weatherproof WorkBench is designed to mount in the BUD 32016 NEMA case.

The NEMA Case is not included, but is widely available at Amazon and other online sources.